Аутоматизована ЦНЦ машина за сечење са плазмом, двострука вожња шина распона 15 м, 15м

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Сертификација: ИСО
Place of Origin: PRC
Минимална количина поруџбине: 1 сет
Цена по договору
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50sets per month
Delivery Time: 15Days
Детаљи паковања: Дрвена кутија
Valid cutting width: 3200mm
Valid cutting length: 12500mm
Rail length: 15m
Driving: Double side
Cutting speed: 1000mm/min
Plasma: PMX105
Control: Starfire
Софтвер: Фастцам


Опис производа

Plasma cutting machine is a precision tools that assist with metalwork. It can cut most types of metal in most thicknesses and are useful across a variety of applications. Different voltages fit different cutting needs - for example, fewer volts are needed to cut sheet metal than to cut a 1/4-inch plate - and their portability is a primary benefit.

Plasma cutting machine send an arc of electric current through a high-speed stream of inert gas, usually compressed air. This electrical arc ionizes the gas molecules, turning a portion into plasma that is hot enough to cut metal.
Unlike saws, which throw off metal bits and fragments, or other torch types that tend to leave "dross" on the cut edge, plasma torches cut relatively cleanly with little debris. What's left is usually quite easy to remove.

Rail span3000мм4000мм5000mm
Cutting width2200мм3200mm4200mm
Дужина шине15000mm15000mm15000mm
Дужина сечења12500mm12500mm12500mm
CNC plasma torchОпционоОпционоОпционо
Брзина сечења50-1000mm/min50-1000mm/min50-1000mm/min
Rapid return speed3000mm/min3000mm/min3000mm/min
Дебљина сечења пламена6-100/200mm6-100/200mm6-100/200mm
CNC flame torch2 groups2 groups2 groups
Flame strip torch9 groups9 groups9 groups

The Hypertherm Plasma Cutting System Cuts Fast with Amazing Quality

Hypertherm cutting torches offer a wide cutting capacity. They have an impressive consumable life. our series uses Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200, which is specifically engineered for heavy-duty mechanized cutting.

The standard automatic torch height control gets automatically adjusted based on the cutting parameters set. That eliminates the time and planning you may need to make otherwise. It also has an optional plate rider that allows you to cut sheet metal.

Essential components

Every CNC machine from the lowest cost and smallest to the largest shipyard machine must have some form of the following components.

  • ЦНЦ контрола. The brains of the entire machine, converts cutting program into electrical signals that direct the direction and speed that the machine cuts at. Also signals the plasma cutter, height control and other peripherals how and when to operate.
  • Mechanical components. Each machine has to have moving components such as a gantry (long axis), a torch carriage and a Z-axis (up and down) that manipulate and move the plasma torch to produce the cut parts desired.
  • Fume Control System. Plasma cutting generates a lot of fumes and smoke. Every machine requires either a downdraft fume control or a water table control.

Finally, the CNC plasma cutting machine comes with excellent reputation for customer service.