cnc plasma cutting machine applications

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Материјали за сечење метала:
Могу се обрадити све врсте металних материјала као што су челик, бакар, алуминијум и нехрђајући челик. Примењује се на жељезну плочу, алуминијумску плочу, поцинковани лим, плочу бели челик, плоче од титанијума итд., Попут лима.

cnc plasma cutting machine Main Features

1.Welded structure of thickening square tube, together with Taiwan imported guide rail to ensure running speed and accuracy.
2.Cutting head with cooling system can quickly cool surface of material to avoid burr and residue.
3. Снага напајања прилагођава струју у складу са различитим дебљинама материјала како би се осигурало резање материјала без промена.
4.processed Materials of small and neat kerf ,without secondary processing.
5.Advanced digital control system,large capacity storing function, convenient to read and process.
6.Compatible software: Ucancam,Type 3, Artcum,etc.
7.Applicable industry: advertising industry, arts and handicrafts cutting, metal plate cutting.

cnc plasma cutting machine Technic Parameters

Модел Параметер
cnc plasma tube cutting machine akp1325
Радна величина
1300 * 2500мм
63A/100A/160A/200A made in China (mainly for cutting metal)
Transmission system
X,Y Taiwan AMT high-precision,zero clearance increased linear guide+ rack Z the arc voltage control
Контролни систем
Beijing START plasma cutting system
Standard high sensitivity arc voltage device
Погонски систем
Stepper motor (Optional Taiwan AC servo motor)
Guide Rail
Taiwan HIWIN rail
Прецизност процеса
± 0,35мм
Max. cutting speed
15000мм / мин
Радни напон
АЦ380 / 50ХЗ
Software support
Формат упутства
Г код
Power cutting ability
Domestic Huayuan 0.5-30mm

US Powermax series 0.5-30mm
Working pressure
Addition Parts
Rotary axis for metal pipe

cnc plasma cutting machine Payment

1. T/T
*We accept T/T , you can pay 30% in advance, 70% before delivery.
*The machine will be produced after received your deposit.after the machine is ready, we will show you the machine photos and the testing video.
*After you agree, please finish the balance.Finally.we arrange the delive
2. Trade Assurance

cnc plasma cutting machine Delivery
*Outside package: Standard marine export plywood case .
*Inner package: Stretch film and plastic film for humidity .
*We can package according to your requests.

Наше услуге

1)1years quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.

2)Lifetime maintenance free of charge.

3)Free training course at our plant.

4)We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.

5)24 hours on line service each day, free technical support.

6)Machine has been adjusted before delivery.

7)Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.

Брзи детаљи

Стање: Ново
Место порекла: Схандонг, Кина (копно)
Напон: 220В / 380В
Dimension(L*W*H): 3140*2170*1840mm
Тежина: 1100кг
Сертификација: ЦЕ ИСО
Гаранција: 1 година
Достављена услуга: Инжењери доступни за сервисирање машина у иностранству
Name: cnc plasma cutting machine for stainless steel matel Iron
Радна површина: 1300к2500мм
Control system: Start auto up-down
Transmission: Gear-Rack
Power Supply: 60A/100A/160A/200A
Guide Rail: Taiwan Hiwin liner guide
Motor: Stepper motor or Sevro motor optional
Cutting Thickness: 0.1mm-30mm
Color: Required